Who We Are

Your Agora began with a couple of teachers who believed ESL teaching could be easier and more creative if there were a platform where teachers could help each other and their students by working together.

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Our History/Our Story

Your Agora started with a teacher who believed English teaching could be easier and more creative if there were a platform where teachers could share and modify their material amongst themselves before they gave it to their students. He assembled a team and together they built not just a powerful platform but a community of teachers who knew that with the right tools, together, they could do so much more that alone.

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Our Mission

Your Agora aims at changing the way English teachers, students, and institutions operate by creating a new, online, open community space where teachers the world over can find, create, organize and share their thoughts and ideas freely and easily. With the right tools and the right people, we believe you can have your course, your content, your way.

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Our Team

10 Years as an ESL teacher working with students ages 4 to 64; Adam’s responsible for making sure the platform is meeting the real needs of its users and guiding the direction of current and future development.

Adam Matuszewski

10+ years of experience in business development, ESL and editing/translation. Jake is responsible for running numerous aspects of the business. He helps Your Agora adapt, grow and explore new opportunities.

Jake Kayser

5 years in quality assurance: web, mobile, front-end & back-end; certified Scrum Master (CSM) and product owner (CSPO); ESL teacher training.

QA Engineer & Scrum Master
Yury Lezhenin

8 years in web development as HTML coder, full stack PHP developer, frontend developer and frontend leader; freelance, distributed team.

Lead Front-End Developer
Emil Ibatullin

5 years as a University TA and Lecturer; 7 years of web development experience including Team Lead & CTO of start-ups .

Lead Back-End Developer
Anvar Tuykin